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PaleoCon Day 3: Paleo Nom Nom, Gluten Summit Insights, How to Sit, Fat is Good

Tips from Paleo Nom Nom, Gluten Summit Insights, Exercises for posture & sitting, why eating meat is good for you.

Gluten Summit Packed With Good Information

One of my big takeaways from the Gluten Summit yesterday was that clearing up gastrointestinal issues can resolve mental health issues.

Get Gluten Free education – cut through the clutter

Is gluten the cause of your health problems? It very well could be. The Gluten Free Summit will help you sort through the information.

The $12 billion gluten free fad could be making you sicker

It’s a potentially controversial claim, which is one of the reasons that I’ve been looking forward to Jordan Reasoner’s Real Food Con presentation. Here’s a story I’ve been telling for the last 13 months or so: All during school a naturopath I know thought that the gluten free fad was just that – a fad, and […]

About this Whole Gluten-Free Thing…

Take back your dinner table, learn the science behind gluten sensitivity and autoimmunity, poop well.

Italpasta goes gluten free

Italpasta has released its own line of gluten free pastas. I recently had a chance to sample some in restaurant and at home.

Mid-winter blahs? Go gluten free in March

Registration opens tomorrow, Monday, February 20th at 10 am EST Program rates will increase to $110 on Tuesday, February 21st This month-long cleanse will allow your body the time to start cleansing itself from the negative effects of gluten and bring on some positive ones – like increased energy, weight loss, better digestion and clarity. […]

Bareburger Toronto

New York’s Bareburger has arrived in Toronto. Check it out during National Burger Month. Even the non-meat eaters will be satisfied.

Most Popular Posts, 2014

Looking back on my blog posts from 2014.

The Awesome Life Detox: Open for Business

The Awesome Life Detox is open for business and it isn’t your typical detox program. Food is just one of 10 aspects of this life upgrade.